1. Bed Attributes

  • Efficiency

Efficiency significantly affects the number of tokens users will earn. The higher the value of Efficiency, the more SLFT users will earn.

  • Luck

The Lucky Box's appearance rate and the Lucky Box level change depending on the value of Luck.

  • Bonus

Positive corrections are applied to the effect of using items depending on the value of Bonus.

  • Special

Having a higher Special Attribute will result in better SLGT earnings.

  • Resilience

Resilience Attribute is related to the durability of Bed. Having higher values will result in less abrasion of Bed. Each time the sleep is measured, the durability value decreases at a certain rate. Also, the lower the durability, the less tokens users will earn.The amount of tokens gained is significantly reduced when the endurance value falls below 90%.

Repair costs also increase in proportion to the number of beds possessed and the Bed Level. The more beds you have, the higher repair cost. The higher the level, the higher repair cost.

2. Bed Types



Sleeping time : 3-5 hours


Sleeping time : 4.5-7 hours


Sleeping time : 6.5-9 hours


Sleeping time : 3-12 hours

3. Bed Quality

The quality of the bed is prepared in five stages, and the performance of the bed changes depending on each quality. In addition, the initial value changes even in beds of the same quality, and the status points due to improvement change. Thus, each bed will eventually get its unique status.

QualityInitial ValueAttribute Point










Epic(Coming Soon)



Legendary(Coming Soon)



Also, the initial value of all attributes ​​of the Beds released from special events, gachas, and lucky boxes may be set very high.

4. Bed Level

Users can increase the level of bed by consuming SLFT and SLGT. Reflecting the improvement requires a certain amount of time for each level, but users can shorten the time for improvement by consuming SLFT. In addition, users can select the bed that is under upgrade as the main bed. The maximum level is 50. After level 31, users need to burn both SLFT and SLGT to level up.

QualityAttribute Point











Users can get Attribute Points for every improvement, and users can consume the points to improve attribute’s level.

There is a range on the values of attribute points according to each quality, and the values are randomly given within the range.

Even in the same quality, there are high end beds whose initial values of the status are set very high, and Attribute Points results from level-up are adjusted as high as possible.

The high end Beds appear with a very low probability for each BedBox.

Milestone Event

Level 5

One socket will be released. The first time Bed Mint is available.

Level 7

The second time Bed Mint is available.

Level 10

One socket will be released. The third time Bed Mint(up to 7th )will be available.

Level 15

One socket will be released.

Level 25

Two socket, and RECYCLING functions are released.

Level 31

Release the acquisition function of SLGT

Level 35

4%bonus on Special numbers

Level 40

6%bonus on Special numbers

Level 45

10%bonus on Special numbers

Level 50

Attains a trophy

The Bed has an event according to the level, and it is necessary to increase it to the specified level to get Event. By rising to Level 10, all the third and subsequent mints will be released, and the BED, which performs more than three Mint, will be able to use the recycling function. In recycling, users can burn Bed by paying a certain amount of tokens.

As a result, users can acquire Bedbox with a certain probability. After Level 31, users will be able to choose to save SLFT or SLGT.

Users cannot store both SLFT and SLGT at the same time, and users need to select either function after Level 31. When users reach Level 50, users can receive a trophy to commemorate the maximum Level.

Level up Event does not overlap the effect and reflects the highest one as a status.

5. Cool Down Function

Cool down feature will be activated when a user send bed from Wallet to Spending.

When a user send Bed NFT from wallet to spending,

・Level up is not available for 48 hours.

・Using αs α main bed is not allowed for 48 hours.

・Minting is not allowed for 48 hours.

・Selling on the market is not allowed for 48 hours.

This is a feature for a bed transferred from a wallet, if you buy a bed in the in-app marketplace, this feature will not be activated.

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