WhitePaper EN

Bed-Minting: Overview

Bed-minting refers to generating a new bed based on the parent Bed. Users can execute Mint by selecting bed and mint.
The number of bed-mintings is determined according to the original bed level, and the number of tokens required changes depending on the number of minted times.
Also, Bed that has been minted requires a certain amount of time to cool down.
Please refer to the game for detailed values.
Beds used in Mint more than three times can use the recycling function, and the Beds used for recycling are burned. However, with a certain probability, users can get a bed with the same quality or one level better quality Bed.
* If users recycle a "Common" bed, users may get either "Common" bed or "Uncommon" bed. At that time, the Level of the Bed received is 0, and the status is also the initial value.