WhitePaper EN

Lucky Box

When the sleeping measurement is done, users can receive Lucky Box based on LUCK values and the number of beds you have. The contents of the Lucky Box are available in five types: Bed-box, SLFT, SLGT(to be added based on the progress of the project), Jewels, and Items.
Users can hold up to 4 lucky boxes. Countdown starts when users receive Lucky Box, and users can open it when the countdown reaches 0.
Levels of Lucky Box are different. The higher the levels, the longer time it will take to open.
Users need to consume SLFT to shorten the countdown.
Users can get up to 6 items from one Lucky Box. The amount of items differs depending on the level of each Lucky Box.
Those who have consumed SLFT and opened a lucky box will greatly increase the probability of multiple items appearing. However, if there are few SLFTs consumed to open, users will not be able to benefit from increasing probability.