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Sleep-Fi Elements

Application Overview

By holding a bed NFT, users can measure their sleep every day and get tokens according to sleeping time and sleeping quality .
As a general rule, users can measure their sleep once a day. The energy required for the measurement is restored 20 hours later from the time users starts tracking their sleep.
Following steps will be taken to start sleep measurement.
  1. 1.
    Select a Main Bed
  2. 2.
    Choose wake-up time
  3. 3.
    Press the start button.
During the measurement, sleep time and sleep quality are scored, and tokens are paid by pressing Wake up at the timing of getting up.
The closer the wake-up time to the time users choose, the more tokens you will earn.
The amount will be updated every day so that users who have good quality of sleep can earn more tokens.

1. Bed Types

The measurable sleep time varies between bed types.
The beds of this game have a fixed sleep time, so prepare the best beds according to the average sleep time.
The bed used for measurement must be set as "Main Bed", and sleep time is measured based on the bed set in main bed.
Ex.) Middle Bed: Sleep measurement time: 4.5 to 7 hours
If you set Middle Bed as Main Bed and measure your sleep at 00:00, you can set an alarm sometime between 04:30 and 07:00.
If you would like to set an alarm after 07:00, you need to measure sleep with Long Bed or Flexible Bed .
It is recommended to select Short Bed for short sleepers, Middle Bed for people whose sleeping time is moderate and Long Bed for long sleepers. For a person whose sleeping time is variable, Flexible Bed is recommended because you can set an alarm freely.
The maximum of tokens you can earn for each Bed is not significantly different.
Therefore, there is no disadvantage such as short sleepers earn fewer tokens. Please keep your daily lifestyle of sleeping time.

2. Bed Attributes

Bed has 5 Attributes, Efficiency, Luck, Bonus, Special, and Resilience.
Having a higher Efficiency value will result in better SLFT earnings.
Also, having a higher Special Attribute will result in better SLGT earnings.
*See Bed NFT for detailed explanation of Attributes .

3. The Relation between Sleeping Time and Quality

The amount of SLFT/SLGT users can earn is calculated based on sleeping time and sleeping quality.
Users need to get up within a certain time range based on Alarm-time, and farther away from the Alarm-time, the less tokens users will get.
In addition, we will balance the amount of tokens users can get based on the sleep depth and quality. Thus, users with better sleep can earn more tokens.