WhitePaper EN

Social contribution (Coming Soon)

Contribution to disease research on sleep

Donations are made from the financial pool to research institutions that study sleep apnea syndrome and other sleep-related illnesses. The donation recipients will be decided by DAO voting.
Users can donate to a research institution that conducts sleep using SLFT/SLGT earned by the player himself. This is converted into statutory currency and donated. Users who donate more than a certain amount can receive the NFT of the donation.

DAO / Governance (Coming soon)

1% of the Marketplace Trading Fee will be returned to the financial pool. The use of these funds will be decided by DAO voting.
SLGT or bed NFT is required to participate in DAO.
Also, the longer users stake SLGT and the longer users play the game, the greater their voting power will be.
Examples of expected agendas for DAO are:
  • Revenue distribution
  • Determination of priority development Items
  • Determination of new elements
  • Determination of donation recipients
  • Availability of collaboration with other projects
A certain number of voting powers are required to submit an agenda to the DAO.